Gift Derby Artist - Artist Signup Form

Artist Sign-up Form

Terms & Conditions

No legalese here, just some friendly orientation and clarifications!

First and foremost, artists and makers, or anyone with something they make themselves to sell, (we'll refer to them from here on out as "Artists"), must qualify against the following criteria to post on the site. Artists must:

  1. Be based in the DE postcode.
  2. Have at least one product you already make available for sale, either in stock or as commissioned work.
  3. Have a decent quality image of that product / example of the work.
  4. Have a site where the product / work is sold for the transaction to take place*


*Note that sales take place on YOUR site. We link customers to you for purchases. This simplifies things our end and ensures you keep 100% of your revenue!

Further Orientation

  • The form allows for a single item to be listed. This is to keep things streamlined, but there is nothing to say you cannot offer multiple items on your own site once a visitor clicks through from your listing. Just ensure that following the link you provide on the form does go to the product they were looking at on GiftDerby!
  • The site is a mobile first experience. Visiting on a non-mobile device will, for now, advise to visit on mobile. We will be optimising for larger screens in the near future, starting with tablets then desktops/laptops!
  • Artists are welcome to list multiple items, but please note there is not currently a "user account" as such, so they wont link up to each other and you will have to enter the exact same information about yourself each time. We will be considering an account-based system in the new year, for now we are keeping things very simple! Please only post additional times for items and works which are sufficiently different from each other - do not post product variations, they must be totally different things!
  • All queries and correspondance are welcome on our Facebook page. You can DM there for private enquiries.
  • Note also there is no way currently to edit your listings, although this will be coming in the new year! For now pop us a message on the Facebook page and I can make alterations for you!

I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions above